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      1. Telemedicine that works for everyone

        100% Custom Engagement for All Clients

        Adding new benefits can be time consuming and can tax resources. First Stop Health does most of the heavy lifting to onboard employees and drive utilization. For each client, FSH creates a customized, targeted and year-long engagement program to drive employee awareness and usage.

        56% Member Utilization

        The more employees who use First Stop Health’s Telemedicine, the more employers save in diverted medical claims. FSH leads the industry in member utilization.


        * FSH measures utilization based on the number of doctor consults per employee. The 56% utilization represents 560 consults per every 1,000 employees, as of year-end 2018.

        125% Savings Guarantee

        If an employer is not generating savings with telemedicine, they aren't getting their money's worth. First Stop Health is the only company to contractually guarantee that the savings generated from telemedicine doctor consults will exceed the cost of our service.

        What we do

        Telemedicine Doctor 


        24/7/365 access to U.S.-based doctors via video and phone.

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        Care Navigation 

        Care Navigation

        Assistance navigating the complicated healthcare landscape.

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        Enhanced EAP Counseling 

        Enhanced EAP Counseling

        Confidential mental health counseling and referrals from licensed counselors.

        Learn more

        Virtual Care Companies Should Create Savings

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        Real Impact, Real Savings!

        Last year, First Stop Health's average telemedicine utilization of 56%, among our members, was 7 times the industry average.

        FSH is the only telemedicine provider that contractually guarantees employees will use our service at a rate that will generate a positive ROI from avoided health care costs

        An employer with 1,000 employees can expect to save $112,500 per year in healthcare costs by avoiding 475 in-person physician visits to urgent care centers, ERs and primary care doctors annually. Employers can expect an average savings of $200+ per member consult with an FSH doctor.

        Understanding Telemedicine Services For Employers


        By Early 2020, 91% of employers with 500+ Employees will offer telemedicine*.

        You may vaguely have heard about telemedicine, or you may be following this new way for people to access doctors closely. Possibly, you are an employer who has already implemented it.

        Regardless of where you are at on the experience curve, this free guide will provide you with the following:

        • Top Reasons to Provide a Telemedicine Benefit to Employees

        • Five Key Criteria for Buying a Telemedicine Solution

        • Tips to Secure Internal Buy-In

        • Checklist for Choosing the Right Solution

        Download the Buyer's Guide to Telemedicine

        *2019 First Stop Health Cost Containment Survey

        savings guarantee

        Our Contractual Savings Guarantee

        For self-insured companies, we contractually guarantee that our telemedicine service will yield net savings to your company and its employees. First Stop Health is the only telemedicine provider that guarantees your savings will, at a minimum, equal 125% of the cost of our service.

        FSH is confident your employees and their family members will love to use our service. So, if we don't reduce the healthcare expenses of our clients by at least 125% of the cost of our service, we will refund the difference. It's as simple as that.