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      1. Should pregnant women exercise?

        New York native Amber Miller gave birth to her second child a mere seven hours after crossing the finish line at the Chicago marathon"”a decision that was unsurprisingly met with mixed reactions. Amber completed the famous 26.2 mile course in 6:25:50, plugging away with a slow but steady run/walk combo.

        Whether you do or don't approve of this one determined mommy's decision to push on during the race while pushing through her contractions, many would agree that Amber made smart decisions about her training along the way. She maintained close contact with the physician who approved her marathon plan, and despite her growing belly, she was conscious of red flags like cramping or bleeding.

        As it turns out, Amber isn't the only woman concerned with maintaining a healthy exercise regimen from one trimester to the next. Many of you, dear readers, have also asked whether it's acceptable for a naturally active woman to continue huffing and puffing while pregnant.

        Strength and conditioning specialist and Zeel Expert Delon Nelson explains that, as long as safety is taken into account beforehand, most aerobic activities can be performed while pregnant. Possible workouts for the expecting include swimming, jogging, yoga, brisk walking, kickboxing, Muay Thai training, spinning, rowing and elliptical machines.

        Delon recommends collaborating with a personal trainer who can design a custom program that's appropriate for your body. He also suggests wearing light, breathable clothing to prevent overheating. While it's OK to elevate your heart rate, says Delon, a personal trainer or physician can help determine just how high you should go.

        A general rule of thumb: The more active you were before pregnancy, the more active you may remain during pregnancy. Champion couch-potatoes who become pregnant should not suddenly begin a hardcore fitness regimen"“long swims and fast strolls are more appropriate.

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